Taking care of a garden right at your backyard is a great hobby to engage in. Surrounding your home with plants and trees is a good way to unwind and at the same time develop a productive past time.

If you are having second thoughts with this project because you think you have to wait for years in order to have trees in your garden, think again.

You can actually just root and grow tree clippings. You can have new trees that you can grow in some pots to be placed in your decks and patios. You may also wish to have these pot trees planted under the ground to serve as a lovely addition in your backyard.

In rooting and growing tree clippings, you need the following: scissors or plant clippers, rooting hormones, bags of soil, flower pot, and tree fertilizer.

Follow these steps:

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Mix soil and fertilizer

Pour the soil mix in your pot and then put in ¼ teaspoon of the tree fertilizer. There are organic and inorganic fertilizers available in the market.

Depending on your preference, you can choose either of this, as each has its own benefits. Organic fertilizers can be easily applied on the roots of plants but it may take a longer time for it to be effective.

These are also more expensive and harder to source. Meanwhile, inorganic fertilizers are more commonly used as tree fertilizers and they are less expensive than organic fertilizers.


Trim freshly grown shoots (about 6 inches long) from the parent tree. Depending on the way you want your tree to grow, cut as many growth shoots. After this, trim the shoots from the base’s side of the cutting and leave only a stem measuring about 2 inches. Be sure to have the green portion left behind.


The stem’s end portion should be dipped in rooting hormones. These hormones help in increasing the level of propagation success of the plants. After applying rooting hormones, you can now put the cutting under the soil.


Be sure to maintain moisture of your planted trimmings. Water them regularly and put them in a location where there is enough sunlight. Sufficient water and sunlight are essential in maintaining plants and trees.

They help in the effective absorption of nutrients, which is important in the longevity of your clippings. Make sure though that they are not excessively watered or exposed to the sun as it may also cause more damage in the long run.

Making tree clippings is just the initial step in growing a beautiful garden or backyard.

You have to regularly take care of your tree clippings by seeing to it that they are adequately watered. Reading about new scientific and practical ways in gardening will help you a lot in maintaining well grown vegetation.

You should also check once in a while if there are insects that can infest these species. It is better that you spot simple infestations early on so you can apply appropriate remedies possible. In this way, you can be assured of a well-grown landscape right at your home.